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Hey guys, I'm new here so I did your survey... - The American League Central [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Hey guys, I'm new here so I did your survey... [Mar. 11th, 2006|10:35 pm]


1. What is your name? - Will
2. Where are you from? - Flint, MI originally, but in Washington, DC just now.
3. What is your favorite team in the AL Central? - I'm Tiger blue and orange to the marrow.
4. What is your second favorite team (inside the AL Central or not)? - I've sort of adopted the Washington Nationals as my NL team, but I'm having a hard time bringing myself to care too much. I mean, the Tigers are in Lakeland RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND, you know?
5. Who are your 3-5 favorite players? - Currently, Placido Polanco, Jeremy Bonderman and Dimitri "Meathook" Young
6. What is your favorite baseball moment since 2000? - As a Tigers fan, I really am not sure how to answer this question... oh, I know, when they fired Randy Smith, how's that?
7. What is your favorite baseball moment from the 90's? - Alright, I think it was probably the '91 or '92 season and I was at Tiger Stadium, I would have been about nine, and I watch Cecil Fielder, Mickey Tettleton and Rob Deer jack back-to-back-to-back homers on three pitches. Ah, memories.
8. What is your favorite baseball moment of all time? - Hmmm, this is tough, it's kind of a copout but my first Tigers game, I guess.
9. Who is your favorite baseball player (that is retired)? - Well, I'd have to go with Cecil Fielder on this one, though I hear he's kind of jerk these days.
10. Name one or more players that you feel have been left out of the hall of fame but deserve to be in it. - I'm not going to say Alan Trammell or Lou Whitaker because though both were very, very good I'm not sure either were great. I'd have to say Jack Morris.

Glad to be a part of the group, I do love me the AL Central.

Except for Cleveland, I hate those guys.

And Chicago.

And, well, ok...


[User Picture]From: pynkmunkygyrl
2006-03-24 04:15 pm (UTC)
Hey! I just joined this community myself and was going to do this survey. I read your answers and I could almost use all of them. I'm from Flint, myself and am a Tigers girl. When I first started watching ball, Fielder was my idol. He's still got to be my fave. Well, anyway..just wanted to say Hi!
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