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A White Sox winner!! - The American League Central [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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A White Sox winner!! [Oct. 27th, 2005|12:59 am]


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I can honestly say I am very happy for the Chicago White Sox. I watched the Sox in person 3 times this season, twice in Chicago against Cleveland and Seattle, and then once in Detroit against the Tiggers. This team earned and deserved a World Series title. Now I should also mention that it pains me to say that a little, being a Cub fan growing up. However, I went to more White Sox games this year and in my lifetime than Cub games.(Mainly due to the fact that Wrigley is such a tourist attraction and that Cub fams are like the Nike swoosh, all of sudden, they're everywhere)

Being from Chicago, I'm happy for the city. It's something they can be proud of. It's also a big nah nah to the big spenders in baseball. The AL Central has got to be one of the lowest in payroll of the six in the majors. The Sox went through Boston and Anaheim and truth be told, the Yankees wouldn't have taken a game off of them. I've talked to some Yankee fans, they were happy not to see the Sox in the first round.

So here's to the Sox. MLB Champs for 2005!