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The American League Central

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A Community for the AL Central and all of its teams and their fans. Flaming will not be tolerated.

Created and maintained by red_mustang (also creater/maintainer of al_east)

Other baseball communities include

Specific communities for AL Central teams are:
chi_white_sox for the Chicago White Sox
cleve_indians for the Cleveland Indians
kcroyals for the Kansas City Royals
detroit_tigers for the Detroit Tigers
mn_twins for the Minnesota Twins

Interesting facts about the AL Central:
** The current AL Central teams have combined to win 12 World Series Titles
- Detroit Tigers: 4
- Minnesota Twins: 3
- Cleveland Indians: 2
- Chicago White Sox: 2
- Kansas City Royals: 1

** The current AL Central teams have combined for 27 World Series appearances
- Detroit Tigers: 9
- Minnesota Twins: 6
- Cleveland Indians: 5
- Chicago White Sox: 5
- Kansas City Royals: 2

If you are just joining the community, feel free to make a post and tell us who you are and where your from, but most importantly who your favorite team is in the American League Central! You can do that by filling out this form and posting it if you so choose:

1. What is your name?
2. Where are you from?
3. What is your favorite team in the AL Central?
4. What is your second favorite team (inside the AL Central or not)?
5. Who are your 3-5 favorite players?
6. What is your favorite baseball moment since 2000?
7. What is your favorite baseball moment from the 90's?
8. What is your favorite baseball moment of all time?
9. Who is your favorite baseball player (that is retired)?
10. Name one or more players that you feel have been left out of the hall of fame but deserve to be in it.