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[Jun. 28th, 2006|02:02 pm]
I, on behalf of the Chicago White Sox, need a favor.

Tadahito Iguchi is in third place amongst AL second basemen. Iguchi has been an excellent second baseman, and that isn't pure fandom on my part. From making superb plays at his position to moving the runner over when Scott Podsednik is on to blasting grand slams off of Brad Lidge over the left field fence, Tadahito is a great ballplayer.

I am asking you to vote for him for second base in the American League.
A brief defense of him, before anyone compares his numbers to those of others: he bats second in a lineup that emphasizes a mixture of "small ball" and power hitting. Our 3-4-5 leads baseball in homers and RBI, but we can still get it done without huge homeruns. Scott Podsednik gets on base, and it's Iguchi's job to move him over before anything else. He doesn't have the most RBI of second basemen or anything, but this is a case where the numbers mislead.

That all said, his numbers, homer-wise and RBI wise, are nothing to scoff at.

Please vote for Tadahito Iguchi when you're voting for the all-star game.
And, if you haven't been voting or aren't, then get on it. Voting ends tomorrow.

But, if you don't want to vote, please do, if for no other reason than to help Iguchi out. I'd appreciate it muchly. Remember, it's easy to pop in hundreds of ballots in a short amount of time, as after your first ballot, it saves your choices and then you can just click submit.

As far as email addresses go, well, let's just say that you can put in whatever and still vote.

Join me in pushing a candidate who deserves it forward.
Let's get Iguchi into the game as a starter,
Or die trying.

[User Picture]From: will_sample
2006-06-28 10:35 pm (UTC)

Vote Mauer...

..and I'll be happy to back Taguchi. The 2nd base position in the American league isnt terribly deep, but there's no excuse to not have Mauer, a catcher closing on a .400 batting average and leading a team that's in playoff contention not even in the top 3 at the position.
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From: gregoryrpratt
2006-06-28 10:37 pm (UTC)

Re: Vote Mauer...

Who, exactly, is Taguchi? Methinks you've been watching too many ESPN games, because those douchebags always always ALWAYS get his name wrong.

Hell, they call "Ozzie Guillen" "Ozzie Smith" all the time, too. I loathe ESPN.

I'll bite, by the way, on your deal. I like Mauer, and would be happy to vote for him since you'll be voting Iguchi.

Let's pop those votes in! :)
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