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Spring Training.... [Feb. 13th, 2006|09:13 pm]


1. What is your name?

Will Sample

2. Where are you from?

Living in Dublin, Ireland

3. What is your favorite team in the AL Central?

Minnesota Twins

4. What is your second favorite team (inside the AL Central or not)?

Chicago Cubs

5. Who are your 3-5 favorite players?

In no particular order:

Albert Pujols
Miguel Cabrerra
Johan Santana
Roger Clemens
Greg Maddux

6. What is your favorite baseball moment since 2000?

Tough call. Probably the Yankees blowing a couple of series (a WS and an LCS) in the last innings.

7. What is your favorite baseball moment from the 90's?

Puckett homers off Charlie Leibrandt, right after climbing the wall to deny Rob Gant of a tie-breaking extra base hit.

8. What is your favorite baseball moment of all time?

Greg Gagne's 6th inning single that drove home Tom Brunansky with the go-ahead run in Game 7, in 1987.

9. Who is your favorite baseball player (that is retired)?

Lou Gehrig

10. Name one or more players that you feel have been left out of the hall of fame but deserve to be in it.

Bert Blyleven